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Costantino adds staff for mayoral run

May 20, 2010

Providence Mayoral candidate Steven M. Costantino, chairman of the House Finance Committee, has made some additional campaign hires:

Mayoral candidate Steven M. Costantino today announced he has hired media consultants Mark Squier and Tom Ochs of McMahon Squier and Associates and pollster Brad Bannon of Bannon Communications Research for his campaign for mayor of Providence. The recent hires will play an integral role in educating voters on how Steven Costantino will move Providence forward.
“Mark Squier, Tom Ochs and Brad Bannon have used their talents to win campaigns for governors, congresspeople and mayors across the nation. Each firm has ties to Rhode Island and a deep understanding of our state,” said Costantino. “I am looking forward to working together to inform voters of my commitment to creating sustainable jobs, delivering efficient city services and creating stronger schools to meet the needs of every child.”
About McMahon Squier and Associates
Located in Washington D.C., McMahon Squier and Associates provides media strategy consulting to candidates on the local and national levels. Notably, Mark Squier who co-founded the company in 1991, co-produced the historic 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.
He and Tom Ochs, who will serve as Costantino’s team, are media consultants and strategic advisors to Democratic candidates for federal and statewide office and Democratic Party committees. Both consultants have represented high profile candidates including U.S. Sens. Tom Harkin, Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh; former U.S. Sens. Paul Simon and Bob Graham; Gov. Ann Richards and Mass. Treas. Shannon O’Brien.
Interesting Rhode Island Experience
In 1996, with just five years of experience under his belt, Mark Squier and his candidate Robert Weygand competed in the U.S. Congressional primary against fellow Democrat Joe Paolino. At the time, Mark Squier’s father, renowned and experienced campaign consultant Bob Squier, represented Paolino with Mark’s current business partner Tom Ochs working with his firm. In a historic win, Mark led Weygand to a victory against his father’s (and Tom’s) candidate.
“I am thrilled to be a part of what I know will be a successful race for mayor for Steven Costantino.  I look forward to working to educate voters on Steven’s ability to take on the issues that matter most to the residents of Providence,” said Squier.
About Bannon Communications Research
Brad Bannon is a Rhode Island native who has been working on campaigns across the country for over 25 years.  He is the president and CEO of Bannon Communications Research, a political consulting and polling agency in Washington, D.C. where he represents Democratic candidates, labor unions and progressive issues groups. From congressional campaigns to mayoral races, Bannon has been named a political consulting industry “mover and shaker” in Campaign and Elections Magazine. He is one of the Democratic Insiders in the biweekly National Journal pundit poll and you can often see him as a guest and political analyst for myriad cable TV networks, including New England Cable News.
Brad Bannon has worked on high profile campaigns including the reelection of Senator Edward Kennedy. He has also helped Democratic candidates like Booth Gardner in the state of Washington’s governor race and Stephen Lynch in the 9th Congressional District of Massachusetts win tough primaries and general elections.

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