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Segal in the Lotus position

May 27, 2010

Just a brief note here, since we posted earlier in the week about David Segal’s insurgent congressional run. A signature moment in the candidate’s Drinking Liberally appearance last night: he held an earlier impromptu news conference, sitting with legs crossed — almost in a classic yoga position — on a generator outside the Wild Colonial, taking questions from the ProJo’s Ed Fitzpatrick, the Boston Globe’s Mark Arsenault (in town from DC to report an imminent story on the CD1 race), the AP’s Michelle Smith, and myself. A supporter brought Segal a beer, but he ignored it, holding forth while clad in a blue blazer and red tie. 

In response to the central question of how he’ll fare against establishment Democrats like David Cicilline and Bill Lynch, Segal repeatedly characterized himself as more of a fighter against powerful interests and for working families. As an example, he pointed to how he and fellow progs successfully fought last year for more aid to cities and towns.

DL host Chris Blazejewski, who’s running for Segal’s state rep seat, called the turnout at the Wild Colonial the largest in the local history of Drinking Liberally.  But many of those along the bar seemed more interested in conversing than listening to the candidate — a reflection of Segal’s generally younger following, perhaps, or maybe just the spirits of a summer-like spring night.

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  1. Wish he's actually tried to win rather then just getting his issues into the debate permalink
    May 27, 2010 8:27 pm

    One thing State Rep. Segal has to address is if he’s a single issue candidate. Has he just got into this race to make sure Wall Street and Banking Reform get into the debate? Where is he on national issues like national security and also local issues like Central Falls going into receivership?

    I get his main support will be from Providence and he has to get as much as possible from there, but will we ever see him in Jamestown or Woonsocket?

  2. Pollster permalink
    May 28, 2010 11:26 pm

    Just curious, when David Segal said he got polling that helped him get into the race, is he talking about a real poll from outside legit firm or just that online one from PCCC website?

    If it’s the latter, that’s kinda sad to consider that “polling.”


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