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GOP on pace for about 90 General Assembly candidates

June 24, 2010

State Republican Chairman Giovanni Cicione says he expects close to 90 Republican candidates to file by next Wednesday’s deadline for the 113 seats in the General Assembly. That would represent an increase from the 71 Republicans who ran for the legislature in 2008 — a year when the party saw a reduction in its presence to six reps and four senators.

Cicione, who guests during this week’s edition of WRNI’s Political Roundtable, told me this after our taping:

We’re very excited about the numbers, we’re excited about the quality of the candidates, and I think by the filing deadline next Wednesday, we’ll have set some at least recent records.

I asked Cicione why this year will be different for the RI GOP than recent election cycles in which the party has struggled.

This year, people are really looking for an option, and I think it’s our job to deliver that and we can do that with a slate of candidates — but also with a message if you elect this slate, it’s not about choosing one party over the other. But it’s about choosing a future for Rhode Island that’s positive and prosperous and good for our kids and good for our system of education.

All those things are a necessary part of our messaging this year; the candidates will the vehicle, but the messaging has to be consistent, and we have to give people hope that there is a brighter future for this state.

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