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Costantino, likely to get Democratic endorsement, sparking three-way primary

June 29, 2010

After much speculation that he might run as an independent, State Rep. Steven Costantino, D-Providence, chairman of the House Finance Committee, has decided to run as a Democrat in the city’s mayoral election. That triggers a three-cornered primary among Costantino, former City Council president John Lombardi and former Housing Court judge Angel Tavares.

The next event that will be watched it the endorsement of the Democratic City Committee. Costantino has the inside track, accordint to Democratic sources.  Costantino, says  campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Bramley,  “has support from all across the city” said Bramley, citing his endorsement by the Ward 2 Democratic on the city’s voter-rich East Side. Taveras won the endorsement of the Ward 5 Democratic committee, but is not expected to have enough juice among the committee members, who are largely city employees and public employee union representatives, to cut deeply into Costantino’s support among the party regulars.

Costantino and Lombardi represent overlapping districts anchored by the Federal Hill neighborhood, so both have the same voter base. Taveras has never held elective office, but has e support from a group of  East Side Democrats, led by former State Sen. Myrth York. . It should make for an interesting and hard-fought contest. The winner will face Republican Dan Harrop in a  November general election that the Democrat will be heavily favored to win.

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