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Tea Party endorsements favor GOP

September 28, 2010

The People’s PAC of the Rhode Island Tea Party is out with its general election endorsements, and the only two Democrats backed by the group are dissident Senator Michael Pinga and Representative Jon Brien of Woonsocket (who has said he voted for Republican John McCain in the 2008 presidential contest):

“After our comprehensive vetting process, we are confident that all of our endorsed candidates espouse beliefs consistent with our mission statement of advocating for fiscal responsibility, accountability, and adherence to Constitutional principles”, said Colleen Conley, Founder and President of the RI Tea Party and The People’s PAC.  “We are confident that these candidates will represent all of the people of Rhode Island admirably and equitably when elected to public office.  It is time to restore balance to our state government.”

Below is a list of our endorsed candidates:

Damien   Baldino  (R) Rep 13  

David Bibeault  (R) Sen 22

Pete Bonk (R) Rep 38  

Don Botts (R) Rep 16

Jon Brien (D) Rep   50

Gip Cabral (R) Sen 16

Mike Chippendale  (R) Rep  40

 Thomas Clupny  (R) Rep 62

William Connelly (R) Sen 36

Geoff Cook (R) Sen 13

Doreen Costa  (R) Rep 31

Nancy Driggs (R) Rep 70

Phil Duquette (R) Rep 33

Richard Fascia  (R) Sen 25

Don Fox (R) Rep 47

Sean Gately (R) Sen 26

Stephen Gerling (R) Sen 18

Dan Gordon (R) Rep 71  

Karin Gorman (I) Rep  43  

Will Grapentine (R) Rep 69  

Michael Grossi (R) Rep 58

Matt Guerra  (R) Rep 46

Jim Haldeman (R) Rep 35

Steven Hart (R) Rep 28  

Jennifer Hirons (R) Rep 44  

Deloris Issler (I) Sen 28  

Gunner Kenney (R) Sen 2  

Henri (Sam) Koldyk  (R) Rep 20  

Morry Markovitz (R) Sen 3  

Patricia Morgan (R) Rep 26  

Ed O’Neill (I) Sen 17

Chris Ottiano (R) Sen 11   

Michael Pinga (D) Sen 9 

Richard Rodi (I) Rep 2

Glen Shibley (R) Sen 33   

Erich Sturn (R) Rep 4   

Bill Surrette (R) Rep 14   

David Sullivan (R) Sen 14   

Joel Tirrell (R) Rep 59
John Robitaille   (R) Governor

Robert Healey    (I)  Lt. Governor

Kernan King       (R) Treasurer

Erik Wallin          (R) Attorney General   

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  1. Craig permalink
    September 28, 2010 7:27 pm

    Rodi ran as a D in the past. Brien and Palumbo and their ilk need to leave the Democratic party and join the Know Nothings.

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