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Clean Slate, what is the plan?

September 29, 2010

RI Clean Slate, the new state GOP-backed effort to elect Republicans and like-minded independents/Moderates to the General Assembly, today released its “No Car Tax and No Property Tax” policies.

The policy objective is best summed up this this headline on a news release: “Eliminate the car tax and lower property taxes without cutting municipal services.” 

But Clean Slate’s six-page news release has few details describing how it will actually achieve these goals. The implication, one suspects, is that it will take the election of a sufficient number of Clean Slate candidates.

We have a call in to Clean Slate campaign chairman Mike Stenhouse, and will update with his response when we hear back.


UPDATE: Stenhouse says electing Clean Slate candidates “is exactly the answer” to achieve the group’s objectives

That’s exactly the stated objective of Clean Slate. … We do believe we will win enough seats to then combine with the more moderate and conservative-thinking members of the Democrat Party, where we can effectively control much of the legislation and even the leadership that gets elected.

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  1. Bruno permalink
    October 1, 2010 1:25 am

    Clean Slate has a concept and no details. RISC has concepts and no details. Caprio has concepts and no details. At least Chafee has details before he makes an announcement.

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