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Chafee hammers away at Frank Caprio Sr.

September 30, 2010

Once again the father of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio has become a campaign issue. The younger Caprio’s main rival, independent candidate Lincoln Chafee has called on Frank Caprio Sr., to step down from his chairmanship of the Board of Governors for Higher Education, the state panel which oversees the state college and university system.

Chafee called for the elder Caprio’s resignation after another Providence Journal story depicting how the senior Caprio helped obtain a job at the Community College of Rhode Island for a friend, in this case boxer Peter Manfredo Jr.

The job Manfredo for was never posted by the CCRI administration. And it carries full state health benefits, which is unusual for a 19-hour a week post, which is Manfredo’s schedule.

In a statement issued by his campaign, Chafee called on Caprio, who is also a Providence Municipal Court judge, to leave the college post. Chafee also asserted that Caprio is violating the state’s code of judicial conduct by serving on the board of a public institution other than a law school. And the Chafee campaign also claims that the elder Caprio “advanced private interests using the prestige of his office.’’

There was no immediate reaction from the junior Caprio’s campaign.

The ProJo recently also revealed the senior Caprio’s role in obtaining a job at CCRI for the wife of a former top legislative leader. Caprio helped Donna Mesolella, wife of former State Rep. Vincent Mesolella, get a $41,000 a year job as an academic coordinator at CCRI.

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