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Cicilline has slim lead in Channel 12 poll

October 29, 2010

The lastest part of Channel 12’s poll shows David Cicilline with 48 percent of the vote, John Loughlin with 42 percent, and 10 percent undecided. The poll of 250 likely voters has a six percent margin of error. A Channel 10 poll earlier this week showed Cicilline with a two-point lead.

Here’s some of the breakdown from Channel 12 pollster Joseph Fleming:

John Loughlin is doing very well among independent voters. In the first poll we did, he was trailing by three points among independent voters; now he’s opened up a rather larger lead among independent voters.

David Cicilline’s strong base of support is the Democratic vote, so it’s going to be crucial for David to maintain the lead [by having] a very good turnout in high Democratic areas, because that’s where the base of his support comes from.

Fleming says Cicilline’s 48 percent level of support is unchanged from Channel 12’s first poll.

So all the vote that John Loughlin’s picked up is in the undecided vote and it all went to him. So he’s definitely trending in the right direction. The question is, is he going to get close enough by Election Day to win the race. We’re still showing him a few points short of catching Cicilline at this time.

Cicilline has a 15 percent lead among women voters, and a 14 point lead among voters over the age of 60.

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  1. rhody permalink
    November 1, 2010 3:01 pm

    A more moderate GOP nominee would have definitely beaten Cicilline. Claudine Schneider or Ron Machtley would’ve grabbed a decent number of Democratic votes and had this race in the bag by now – it’s not like Dave has a large reservoir of personal popularity to draw on when the going gets rough.


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