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Barbarisi of Red Sawx beat to leave ProJo

December 13, 2010

Dan Barbarisi, who has been at the ProJo since 2001 and most recently has been doing a fine job on the Boston Red Sox beat, is leaving for a reporting job at the Wall Street Journal.

Barbarisi will be covering Yankees and Mets baseball and doing stories on the business of baseball. He came to the Journal in 2001 and started in the former Fall River bureau covering the town of Rehoboth. He moved to the former West Bay bureau, where he covered Cranston and Warwick,  and then took over the Providence City Hall beat, where he did a nice job. For the past two seasons, Barbarisi has held down the Sawx posting, one of the Projo’s most visible beats. Despite being raised as a Yankees fan, he segued well into covering Red Sawx nation, first with his buddy and beat partner Joe McDonald, and most recently with Brian MacPherson.

Barbarisi recently married Cynthia Needham, who is leaving the ProJo for an editing gig at the Boston Globe.

Barnbarisi’s departure leaves the newspaper with a busy laptop to fill just about 8 weeks before the start of spring training. At the Wall Street Journal, he will join a few other young Journal alums, including John Rockoff, Sumathi Reddy, Jennifer Levitz and Mike Corkery.



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  1. Ron Behagen permalink
    December 13, 2010 9:36 pm

    another party day for Donnis & McKay!!
    Get a life instead of publishing gossip
    you are both po’d that nobody cares about you

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