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Chafee cites savings in initial staff list

December 31, 2010

Governor-elect Chafee is pointing to savings in a slimmed-down list of staffers for his office:

His initial staff will include 25 full-time employees, versus the 45 currently budgeted, and represents a significant payroll expense saving from the current fiscal year budget allocation for the Governor’s office.

“I feel confident that my staff will be a model of efficiency and productivity,” Chafee said. “Our state is in a fiscal crisis, and bearing in mind our sizeable deficit and the difficult economic times, I want my office to set an example for frugality and efficiency in state government. We will have fewer employees, but we have a talented team who will work hard to accomplish more with less. Pat Rogers, for example, will be taking on what are normally two full-time positions, as will Mike Trainor. This will lead to considerable savings.”

Please see complete list below.

Name Title Salary
Robert Albee constituent affairs analyst 35,619
Joseph Alston senior legal assistant 70,565
Tony Aristy receptionist/greeter 45,043
Susan Bernstein policy and legislative analyst 45,043
Andrew Braca research associate 35,619
Lincoln Chafee Governor 117,817
John Cucco communications analyst 45,043
Brian Daniels director of policy 89,970
Christine DiFilippo executive assistant 76,648
Donna Dell’Aquila executive assistant 85,256
Anita Flax policy and legislative analyst 45,043
Stephen Hourahan senior advisor to the Governor 145,028
William Kinsella director of constituent services 45,043
Lori Lee executive assistant to the Governor 85,609
Ivan Marte assistant to the governor 45,043
Cara McAllister scheduler 45,043
Stephen McAllister policy and legislative analyst 45,043
Jamia McDonald deputy chief of staff 133,596
Kenneth Procaccini policy and legislative analyst 45,043
Claire Richards senior legal counsel 116,145
Patrick Rogers chief of staff & executive counsel to the governor 197,448
Catherine Cool Rumsey assistant to the governor 50,355
Janice Sassi administrative assistant 35,619
Jonathan Stevens special projects manager 89,970
Michael Trainor director of communications & press secretary 129,235
Christian Vareika communications analyst 45,043
 [Total:] 1,944,929

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Ron Behagen permalink
    December 31, 2010 6:06 pm

    DiFillippo…$77K to hand out number have to be kidding

  2. Libby K permalink
    January 3, 2011 3:07 pm

    it’s a nice gesture paying four of his staffers more than his own salary.


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