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Rhode Island Tip Sheet: Angel’s big day

January 3, 2011

STATE OF THE STATE: In HBO’s The Wire, one of the great shows in the history of television, Tommy Carcetti wins a dramatic race for mayor of Baltimore — only to realize he faces a thankless job with a nest of vexing problems. Considering the state of Providence’s finances, Angel Taveras might already feel a bit of kinship with Carcetti. But today’s a day to celebrate and to project optimism about the future. Advance excerpts of Taveras’ inaugural address suggest he’ll do just that. Themes: Providence has great assets; it’s not alone in facing fiscal challenges; and RI’s biggest city is a crucial part of the state. Excerpt: “In the face of all these challenges, and in the midst of this storm, I am confident. Confident that together, we will overcome these challenges, weather this storm and strengthen our city and our state.” Full coverage this afternoon on WRNI’s All Things Considered.

PENSIONS: Frustration with what critics see as excessive benefits for public-employee unions is simmering in other states, including New Jersey.

REPUBLICANS: Michael Steele’s bid to retain the chairmanship of the RNC is in trouble.

GUILTY PLEASURE: The ProJo’s takeout yesterday on Pauly D, the pride of Johnston, was about as timely as Time’s Man of the Year selection of Mark Zuckerberg. But it was still a fun read — including the detail about how Dad’s a bit jealous about his son’s ways as a casanova.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Helio Melo’s in the front to head House Finance; The Legislature is about to put votes online.

GREAT NORTH: Deval Patrick may trim the salaries of Massachusetts’ legislators.

FACEBOOK: Facebook passed Google for most viewed, and its value is put in the neighborhood of $50 billion.

CHAFEE: The ProJo launches its Linc-o-Meter.

PROJO: Heslin speaks, Nesi barks.

MEDIA: NPR reports on the maturation of Gawker Media’s Nick Denton.

NESI: Allan Tear’s advice to Governor-elect Chafee.

PROVIDENCE: Jef Nickerson has cheers and jeers.

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