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Stan Israel to retire at SEIU District 1199 union

January 19, 2011

Stan Israel, one of the  grand old men of organized labor in Rhode Island, is retiring as the major domo at SEIU District 1199 after more than 30 years in the labor movement.

Israel began his career in the labor movement in 1974 as an organizer for District 1199 of the SEIU in New York and organized non-union health care workers and negotiated with hospitals and nursing homes on Long Island. He came to Rhode Island in 1984 and has worked tirelessly to better working conditions for health care employees in the state.

A Vietnam War veteran, Israel was never a `contracts are us’ labor leader. He supported other union initiatives and lobbied at the State House on social justice and economic justice issues.

Israel was also involved in such issues as the successful approval during the 1990s of the Hospital Conversion Act, which provides strict state scrutiny of converting non-profit hospitals to for-profit chains, and the ban on mandatory overtime for nurses in the state’s hospitals.

Israel is being replaced at District 1199by Patrick J. Quinn, a longtime organizer for the union. Quinn becomes 6the new executive director of the union, which represents about 4,000 health care workers in R.I. and about 20,000 more in Connecticut.

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