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Sen. Reed’s poll numbers very strong; Chafee’s not so much

February 25, 2011

Jack Reed has the highest job favorability ratio in the U.S. Senate among Democratic senators polled by Public Policy Polling. Sixty percent of Rhode Island voters approve of the job Reed is doing compared to just 27 percent who disapprove. PPP has polled all but three Democratic U.S. senators in the past eight months; the three who have not been polled are Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Daniel Inoyue of Hawaii and Vermont’s Patrick Leahy, first elected in 1974.

What puts Reed ahead of other popular Democrats, such as Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar  and New York’s Chuck Schumer,  is the Rhode Islander’s support among independent voters. Fifty six percent of RI independents have a favorable view of Reed while just 35 percent disapprove. And Reed has a united Democratic base, with 78 percent of Democrats approving of him and just 9 percent disapproving.

The poll also showed that stated voters are not “real big’’ on newly-elected Gov. Lincoln Chafee. Chafee has a 38 percent approval rating and a 44 disapproval rating. The good news for Chafee is that he won election with just 36 percent in a multi-candidate scrum, so he hasn’t lost any traction from his November victory. Not surprising: 53 percent of R.I. Democrats approve of Chafee but just 10 percent of Republicans do. Independents are negative on Chafee by a 51-34 spread.

The survey also shows that Frank Caprio, the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, would have to rehab his image considerably were he to try to resurrect his political career. Just 29 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of the former state treasurer and 46 percent view him negatively. Caprio’s real problem is with the Democratic base, where only 33 percent approve of him and 42 percent have an unfavorable view.

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  1. joe permalink
    February 25, 2011 7:09 pm

    Whats surprising is that the number of Rhode Islanders who have a negative view of the guy who told the President to ‘shove it’ is only 2% higher than sitting Governor Chafee…

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