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Rhode Island Tip Sheet: Deliver us from the DMV

March 30, 2011

STATE OF THE STATE: A small group of curious onlookers gathered at the HQ of the State Department of Motor Vehicles in Cranston this afternoon as Governor Chafee installed Lisa Holley as the DMV’s interim director. Chafee invoked the spirit of Bruce Sundlun in vowing that his administration will significantly reduce overly-long DMV waiting times. To dramatize the need for change, Chafee described taking a call on the way over in which someone described a five-hour wait to register a boat trailer. “This is unacceptable,” the governor says. Chafee vowed, to some laughter from bystanders, that Rhode Island’s wait times will approximate those of our neighboring states by the end of his term. 

ALL ABOUT LISA:  Holley, a former Warwick police officer and an 11-year chair of the state Parole Board, has most recently been chief legal counsel for the state police and five other agencies that comprise the State Department of Public Safety. Possible candidate-in-waiting Brendan Doherty was among those on hand to support her. “We need to do a better job and we will do a better job,” Holley says, adding that a team has been assembled to implement changes. An initial assessment is required before benchmarks for performance can be set, she says. Holley acknowledged that she has not led an agency as large as the DMV. She asked aloud, “Is it about management or is it about leadership? I think I have a proven leadership record,” of going “into state systems and making changes that are for the betterment of the state.”

A YEAR LATER: Megan Hall reports on Aster Street; Flo Jonic reports on Perkins Avenue.

GAY IN TIVERTON: Elisabeth Harrison reports on Representative Dan Gordon‘s effort to stop the Gay-Straight Alliance at Tiverton High from meeting at the school.

FALLOUT: Politico looks at David Cicilline’s political problem back in RI.

TEA PARTY: A new CBS poll shows Americans unfavorable/favorable view of the Tea Party at 47 percent/32 percent . . . . Politico says the Tea Party has had some wins in fighting healthcare reform . . . . Speaking of polls, President Obama’s disapproval/approval is at 48 percent/42 percent . . . . The RI Tea Party says pay raises for the staff of Gordon Fox — now under reconsideration — are “an outrageous example of extravagance by the political class at taxpayer expense.”

BUCKS R US: Tom Ryan of CVS made $15.5 million in 2010, his final year as CEO, says Ted Nesi.

MOTHER’S MILK: A fundraising ask on behalf of US Representative Jim Langevin went out via e-mail yesterday, a mere fourth months after the November election. Just to be clear, the rep’s people made use of some bold print: “While 20 months may seem far away, it is imperative that I start preparing today for the challenges I may face in the 2012 election cycle” . . . . Senator Donna Nesselbush has a time tomorrow (Thursday) at the Comfort Inn in Pawtucket, 6:30-8:30 . . . Senator Elizabeth Crowley has one tonight (Wednesday) at Patrick’s Pub, 6-8 pm . . . . Representative Grace Diaz is on for Thursday at Ada’s Creations, 6-9 pm.

CELEBRITY SKIN: Has Charlie Sheen long since jumped the shark?

BIRTHERS, MEET THE DONALD: Ben Smith on Trump’s birth certificate.

NOT QUINCY: Hey, we all love Dana Delany, but is it too much to expect a smidge of realism in a TV show like Body of Proof  (tops in its ratings class for Tuesday night)? Like the cops are really going to let an assertive, impertinent medical examiner go along to question potential perps? The ME doesn’t wear gloves at one point while handling evidence in the lab? And what’s with using Providence for the locations, but pretending it’s Philadelphia? Aren’t we good enough for the big time?

BASEBALL: The Red Sox open the 2011 campaign at 4:05 pm Friday in Arlington, Texas, against the Rangers . . . . The PawSox will play this year with a special patch paying homage to former team owner Ben Mondor, who died in the off-season . . . . Nesi reports on Cox planning to carry the Yankees’ YES Network . . . . Dan Barry is set to visit McCoy on April 15 as part of promo for his new book, Bottom of the 33rd, on baseball’s longest date.

BIRTHDAY: Ivette Luna; Mark Cutler; Ryan Kelley; Fraser Lang.

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