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Laffey/Conley team up on movie project, “Fixing America”

April 26, 2011

As the ProJo recently reported, former Cranston Mayor Stephen Laffey is off raising Irish animals in Colorado. But he’s also working with Colleen Conley, a leader of the RI Tea Party, on a new film project. Conley is listed as the field producer for this effort:

Stephen P. Laffey and Stephen T. Skoly, in conjunction with The 989 Project, a film and video production company located in Rhode Island, announce a collaborative effort to produce a feature length documentary film entitled “Fixing America” (

“Our goal is to travel the country with a film production crew and speak with regular Americans as well as politicians, policy experts, and prominent business people on a variety of topics such as trade, China, taxes, energy policy, defense, and balancing the budget, and to ultimately share real solutions for fixing America now, while there is still time,” said Mr. Laffey, a former RI elected official, president of a major investment banking firm, and author of Primary Mistake.

Laffey stated, “The political elites from both parties have destroyed our country financially.  Since 1971 and the closing of the ‘Gold Window’ by President Nixon, America has not settled its accounts.  By using its status as both the world’s reserve currency and the world’s military superpower, America has put off the day of reckoning.  The financial shenanigans in the USA have grown, along with the power of the financial and political elite, to a point that it threatens our freedom, our financial future, and just maybe the freedom of the free world.  Our goal is to show solutions to these issues and how they should be addressed immediately.”

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  1. Craig permalink
    April 27, 2011 10:49 pm

    Uh, name one thing either Laffey or Conley has fixed? Laffey lined his pockets pretty well, but didn’t do Cranston any favors. I hope they are honest enough to show that the repeated tax cuts we’ve given out, especially to the wealthiest, are pretty much exactly the cause of the deficit and debt, along with bloated, unexamined military spending. GE gets a tax rebate from taxpayers that is larger than the entire state portion of the RI state budget! unless that is front and central in their “documentary,” then they ain’t fixing nothing.

  2. MOONDROPS II permalink
    April 28, 2011 4:30 pm

    Steve and Colleen My we wish you two the very best in your lastest venture for the Good people and keep up the good fight…. Ron G


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