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Supt. Gallo’s supporters strike back in community letter to Caruolo

May 27, 2011

Central Falls Superintendent Fran Gallo is the subject of this letter sent to George Caruolo, chairman of the Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education:

We the undersigned Central Falls residents, education leaders and friends Central Falls schools write to you today to express our strong support for Superintendent Dr. Frances Gallo and the Central Falls School District Board of Trustees. These dedicated public servants have prudently managed the school system’s resources during a very difficult and tumultous time.

Contrary to politically motivated claims of mismanagement, the Central Falls School Department has a $2.2 million dollar surplus, and these funds should be dedicated to our schools and our students, not to plugging the city’s budget deficit.

Central Falls schools no doubt face a number of challenges. We are, however, very confident in the leadership of Dr. Gallo and the members of the Central Falls School Board who are dedicated to sound fiscal management and to transforming our schools into truly great places for students to learn.


Carolyn Sheehan, Blackstone Academy Charter School

Kyleen Carpenter, Blackstone Academy Charter School

Meg O’Leary, The Learning Community

Sarah Friedman, The Learning Community

James A. Diossa, Councilman, Ward 4

Karen Feldman, Young Voices

Malcolm Farmer, Hinckley, Allen & Snyder

Tomas Avila, ProvidenceĀ Board of Canvassers

Denise DeMagistris, Johnson & Wales University

James M. Bower, The San Miguel School of Providence

Jeremy Chiappetta, Blackstone Valley Prep

Dr. Rick Quiles, Park Pediatrics, Cranston

Margaret Holland McDuff, Family Service of RI

Anthony H. Bliss, Family Service of RI

Stephen L. Hug, Family Service of RI

Marie Palumbo-Hayes, Family Service of RI

Kenneth Proudfoot, Family Service of RI

Freeda Rawson, Family Service of RI

Candace Johndrow, Family Service of RI

Sarah Kelly-Palmer, Family Service of RI

Jennifer Salisbury, Family Service of RI

Corrine Hill, Family Service of RI

Swan Capris, Family Service of RI

Corinne Kulesh, Family Service of RI

John Farley, Family Service of RI

Diane Shemtov, Family Service of RI

Bonnie Kosiba, Family Service of RI

Jorge Elorza, Roger Williams University School of Law

Gabriel Martinez, Columbian American Cultural Society

Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan, Center for Hispanic Policy and Advocacy

Keith A. Oliveira, Providence

Mario Bueno, Progreso Latino

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