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Senate Judiciary schedules civil union bill for Thursday

May 31, 2011

Following overwhelming passage in the House, the civil union bill sponsored by Representative Peter Petrarca is due to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

The committee will meet in Room 313 at the Rise of the Senate.

Sponsored by Rep. Peter J. Petrarca (D-Dist. 44, Lincoln, Johnston, Smithfield), the bill, 2011-H 6103Aaa, would grant same sex couples all of the rights afforded to married couples in the state.

The legislation, which was approved by the House of Representatives earlier this month on a vote 62 to 11, would define civil unions as “a legal union between two individuals of the same sex” and gives people certified in such a union “all the rights, benefits, protections and responsibilities” as married couples.

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