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The reemergence of Nancy Mayer

June 15, 2011

If you want to consider a prophet not recognized in her own land, former general treasurer Nancy Mayer looks pretty prescient through the benefit of hindsight. Consider, for example, this excerpt from a 1995 story in the ProJo:

Police officers and firefighters in Providence “are more likely, on average, to receive disability pensions than their counterparts in nine of the largest and most dangerous U.S. cities,” according to Gen. Treas. Nancy J. Mayer.

In a statement released yesterday – on the eve of a vote by the House Finance Committee on a measure relating to municipal pensions – Mayer urged General Assembly members to consider that “the Providence disability rate exceeds that found in any city we could identify in the nation.”

Mayer said, “The numbers are astounding any way you slice them. Miami has five times the rate of violent crime in Providence, yet a Providence police officer is five times more likely to receive a disability pension.”

Mayer has reemerged in the latest discussion of Rhode Island pensions. Via the ProJo, she’s criticizing Treasurer Gina Raimondo for not disclosing more information about multi-pension recipients.

As it happens, Mayer gave $250 to Governor Lincoln Chafee’s campaign last year. (For someone far more inclined to support Republicans, she also gave $50 to Raimondo).

The next governor’s race remains off in the distance, but one wonders: might Mayer’s critique of Raimondo mark an opening salvo in the 2014 governor’s race?

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