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Raimondo cites “great momentum” on pension reform

June 29, 2011

Although the outcome remains far from certain for solving Rhode Island’s pension crisis, State Treasurer Gina Raimondo — in an e-mail sent today by her campaign organization — says things are going in the right direction. Her missive comes right before the last day for collecting second-quarter political contributions:

I am excited to report that there is great momentum in Rhode Island on a priority issue of mine: comprehensive reform of our state retirement system.  As you know, my approach is to focus on the numbers, and to put aside the blame and divisive rhetoric.  

In the last several months, I have:
Worked with the State Retirement Board to adopt a more realistic set of investment and actuarial assumptions
Released Truth in Numbers, a comprehensive report outlining the scope and key drivers of our pension problem, and defining a path forward to achieve retirement security and financial sustainability
Reached out to Rhode Islanders to discuss issues and seek workable solutions
Launched an advisory group, comprised of national pension experts and cross-section of respected Rhode Island leaders, to help me vet and organize information as I prepare to submit legislation to the General Assembly for a special session on pension reform this fall.

There is still so much more to do, but I believe we have the momentum on this critical issue.  Rhode Islanders are recognizing the costs of inaction, and are demanding solutions.

I am hoping you will stay engaged in this effort.  Rhode Island is at a crossroads, and the months ahead will not be easy, but with your support, I know we can succeed.  I am grateful for your belief in me, and your continued support.  Many thanks.

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