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Rhode Island Tip Sheet: Work with what you have

June 30, 2011

STATE OF THE STATE: What’s to explain the fiscal posture of Providence Mayor Angel Taveras and state Treasurer Gina Raimondo compared with their respective predecessors, David Cicilline and Frank Caprio? That question came up recently in the WRNI newsroom. Suffice it to say, elected officials (like everyone else) are products of their times. The current mode is austerity and facing problems that seemed less pressing in years past. Raimondo and Taveras also came into office unburdened by the baggage of already having been there.

BINDING ARBITRATION: Don’t be surprised if this hot-button bill is dead.

CIVIL UNIONS: Back in April, when he pulled the plug on same-sex marriage legislation, Gordon Fox said civil unions would represent a form of progress. Not so, says MERI, NOM, and other critics. Like MERI, Brian Hull says the civil union bill “actually sucks” because of the Corvese amendment . . . . NOM’s Christopher Plante fears the legislation will lead to a court challenge that could usher in same-sex marriage . . . . The 16 senators on the short side of the 21-16 vote yesterday in favor of civil unions were a mix of uber-liberals (Rhoda Perry, Donna Nesselbush), Republicans, and Democratic social conservatives.

BOYS’ CLUB: Scott detects a decidely male tendency to Gina’s pension panel.

BURIED PAST: WRNI’s Flo Jonic unearthed information indicating that a relative of Governor Lincoln Chafee may have been related to a deputy sheriff in the case of John Gordon, the last man executed in Rhode Island.

MINORITY REPORT I: House Minority Leader Brian Newberry joined Scott, Maureen and myself for a taping today of WRNI’s Political Roundtable. You can hear it Friday at 5:40/7:40/online. Among other things, Newberry called legislative efforts to cut the structural deficit “baby steps,” and he declined to ID his favored presidential candidate.

MINORITY REPORT II: Newberry, who hosted a recent fundraiser for GOP Senate candidate Barry Hinckley, says he’s not aware of any other Republicans in the hunt against Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. The RI Young Republicans are set to host an event (“No Charge. No Democrats”) with Hinckley tonight, 7-9, at Zooma, 245 Atwells Avenue.

SUMMER READS: Cat Welch asked Rhode Islanders what they’re reading.

GONE NUTMEG: It could be worse, says Ted Nesi; we could be Connecticut.

PROVIDENCE POLICE: The FOP is voting through 7 this evening on a deal with the City Of Providence.

BIRTHDAY: Allison Alexander; David Hirschman; Erin Canfield; Sylvia Bernal; Scott Bill Hirst.

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  1. Laughing Liberal permalink
    June 30, 2011 8:05 pm

    I’m sorry but it just totally cracks me up that the homepage for the RI Young Republicans looks like a poster for a Boston College Frat Party. Nothing like having a bunch of white, middle-class dudes representing the future of the Republican Party!

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