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Doherty, Loughlin campaigns trade an early salvo

July 25, 2011

Brendan Doherty’s congressional campaign says GOP city and town chairs shouldn’t be hasty in picking a Republican candidate for the November 2012 First Congressional District race.

Doherty spokesman Dante Bellini was responding to this part of a news release from GOP rival John Loughlin, regarding a September 25 fundraiser at the Santa Maria Cultural Center in East Providence:

The event . . . .  is sponsored by a vast majority of the Republican city and town chairs in Congressional District 1.

Here’s the response from Doherty spokesman Bellini:

Colonel Doherty hasn’t even met most of these people that are referenced yet so it would be disappointing if these chairs are definitively throwing their support before even having the opportunity to hear what Colonel Doherty has to say.

Doherty ran circles around Loughlin’s in Q2 fundraising. Loughlin is currently serving with the Army in Iraq, a situation that complicates his fundraising. But a Loughlin release over the weekend says he remains ready for a hard-fought primary. (House Minority Leader Brian Newberry is mentioned as the keynoter for the September 25 fundraiser):

Michael Napolitano, the official spokesperson for US Army Lieutenant Colonel, and Congressional Candidate John Loughlin issued a statement today regarding the event.  Said Napolitano,  “The grass roots support for John Loughlin  within the GOP here in Rhode Island is extremely strong and continues to grow while John is serving his country in Iraq.  Individuals contact me often and ask what they can do to participate or help.”   

The 52-year-old former Republican state Representative has been called to serve another tour of active duty, this time in Iraq under the rank of lieutenant colonel.  He intends to gear up for a spirited race in Congressional District 1 when he returns in December. 

Said Napolitano.  “Fund raising efforts began this quarter  and we expect them to kick into high gear when John Loughlin returns.  This fundraising event is being held in conjunction with our direct mail piece that went out at the beginning of the quarter.”

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  1. Bob Carlin, East Providence Chair permalink
    July 26, 2011 10:20 pm

    I am one of the Chairs that met with Brendan Doherty. I’m not surprised that his spokesman doesn’t know who his candidate met and who he hasn’t. Neither Doherty nor any of his staff ever stayed around long enough to get to know anyone. As for throwing support behind John Loughlin, this is John’s second run so why wouldn’t a lot of us continue to support him? Especially when Doherty is entering a race that already had a candidate! Previously Doherty never once came to a Republican event, has spent numerous hours with Democrats and attended Democratic events. Not to mention the overwhelming Democratic support he has (it’s all in the campaign report). Well, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck, it isn’t a Republican. Thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick with the tried and true and suggest that real Republicans do the same. What disappoints me are the people who have thrown their support behind Doherty without knowing where he stands on the issues.


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