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Rhode Island Tip Sheet: A pox on all their houses

August 9, 2011

STATE OF THE NATION: New York Times columnist Joe Nocera, a Providence native, passes out the gripes in a time of ramped-up economic uncertainty: “[T]he likelihood of a U.S. default is nil . . . . S&P was frightened by the same thing that has scared most Americans: the spectacle of an unyielding minority of Tea Party Republicans ready to push the country into default rather than accept even modest tax increases . . . . When did President Obama become such a lousy speech-maker? . . . . [W]hat one yearns for is a little imagination from this White House ,” like a $50 billion fund for small businesses to use to pay 20 percent of the wages for new hires for two years.

CONTRARIAN: US stocks up early today . . . And this from Bryant University/RIPEC: “Despite a significant slowdown in the U.S. economy in the first two quarters of 2011, Rhode Island sustained its economic recovery and expanded faster than the national economy. Moreover, the Rhode Island Leading Economic Indicator projects the economy will expand 2.2 percent (annualized rate) over the next two quarters.”

INNOVATION: Apple supplants Exxon as the most valuable US company.

PROVIDENCE: We’re still seeking updates on Providence Ward 9 Councilman Miguel Luna, who was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital earlier today with a heart problem.

REPUBLICANS: A flame war among commenters on Anchor Rising has some conservatives worried about self-inflicted scars in the fight against David Cicilline.

CANINE COURT: Do dogs in the courtroom lend an unfair advantage?

ELECTION DAY IN WISCONSIN: Brown grad Erica Sagrans reports from the scene.

DOWNTOWN PARKING DISTRICT: Jef Nickerson isn’t happy about plans to replace a multi-story garage with a surface parking lot.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The most eye-popping element in today’s Political Scene had to be the news that Senate Judiciary Chairman Michael McCaffrey has banked $131,524. Lot of scarole for a legislative race, eh?

NESI: Jack Reed may land on the budget-cutting super committee.

MEDIA: (Via Romo) Extreme couponing show blamed for a rise in newspaper thefts . . . . Alex Baldwin exhorts his Twitter peeps, “Buy and read a newspaper every day.”

CULTURE WARS: The Smurfs and other vaguely French forces are taking over America in our moment of vulnerability.

BIRTHDAY: Donna Nesselbush.

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  1. August 9, 2011 7:32 pm

    If I could get home delivery of the Guardian, I’d read that.

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