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Block closing in on freee contract to work for the state

August 12, 2011

Ken Block, who ran as the Moderate Party of RI’s gubernatorial candidate last year, says he’s a few weeks away from completing a contract to root out, at no cost, waste and fraud in state government.

Back in April, the Chafee administration said it was receptive to hearing Block’s concepts. Block said he thought he could find savings of between about $150 million to $300 million.

Meanwhile, the much bigger state of Massachusetts has uncovered a smaller, but still significant amount of Medicaid fraud, as the AP reported yesterday.

A record $69 million in Medicaid fraud was recovered in Massachusetts during fiscal year 2011, topping the previous record of $14 million collected in fiscal year 2009.

The state’s Attorney General’s Office says that was a return of $18 for every dollar the office spent pursuing fraud cases during the fiscal year that ended June 30. The office’s Medicaid fraud division had a $3.81 million budget.

Block says he’s confident his effort to work as a free fraud-buster for the state will come to fruition.

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