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There’s something about disabled firefighters and weightlifting

August 12, 2011

WPRI-TV’s Tim White has reported in detail on the case of John Sauro, a retired Providence firefighter on a tax-free disability pension. Sauro’s intense workout routine at the gym has raised questions about whether he remains incapable of returning to work.

On a related note, the Boston Globe today describes the case of Albert Arroyo, a former Boston firefighter who entered bodybuilding competitions while on disability leave:

Arroyo, 49, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of mail fraud for seeking a taxpayer-funded pension while he was allegedly healthy enough to work. He sought to collect an annual $65,000 tax-free pension under his disability application, until a report in the Globe drew attention to his case. Prosecutors have said he was capable of working, noting that he played baseball, lifted weights, and performed rigorous poses at bodybuilding competitions.

The Globe offers this video of Arroyo in competition mode.

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