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Lack of fiscal support frustrates conservative blogger

August 15, 2011

Anchor Rising and Rhode Island’s Future, the dueling right and left flagships of the Rhode Island blogosphere, emerged at about the same time in 2004-2005, contributing significantly to the news and views available to those with a political bent.

And while RI’s Future has largely lost its groove since the departure of Matt Jerzyk, the site’s plugged-in founder, Anchor Rising has maintained an impressive output of content from its quartet of contributors. The driving force for this has been Justin Katz, a carpenter who relishes political debate. Now, though, comes word from Katz of a change in course, due to a lack of financial support from Anchor Rising’s audience.

I’m going to do my best to continue with the regular content for the rest of August, but come September, I have to reorder my priorities. We’ll still be here, making our opinions known, but I’ll be putting aside the sense of obligation to have a steady stream of new posts. Spring 2011 was just too arduous, and I’ve got to find some other direction.

In terms of the free market, Rhode Island and its center-right contingent have expressed a lack of interest in a media organization such as Anchor Rising is and could be. It’s unfortunate that we’re about to slide into the most critical election season in recent memory — both for Rhode Island and for the United States.

Ironically, one of Katz’s colleagues, Marc Comtois, touched on the challenge of making bucks blogging in my 2008 story in the Phoenix on the local blogosphere.

“You have to do it because you love doing it for its own sake. Lots of blogs flame out. People get bored or realize how hard it is. But I think that so long as you are passionate about something — whether politics, music, food or whatever — you will be able to keep it going. Just don’t ever look at it as a way to make money or gain power.”

Blogs are hungry creatures, and keeping them properly fed is a demanding task, so I can relate.

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  1. remo permalink
    August 15, 2011 7:08 pm

    What a great way to welcome NetRoots Nation’s conference next year, with two near-defunct blogs…

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