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Gablinske doubles down on porcine tag for public-employee unions

August 17, 2011

Former state Rep Douglas Gablinske of Bristol once infuriated labor by calling union leaders “pigs at the public trough.” And while unions helped defeat Gablinske in a Democratic primary last September, the court case against the NEA’s John Leidecker has thrust him back in the spotlight, and Gablinske’s hardly backing away from his rhetoric.

I asked Gablinske this afternoon whether the tensions growing out of the Leidecker case and his past comment about “pigs at the public trough” reflect a broader debate about unions. He responded:

You know, you reap what you sow, and these public-employee unions, particularly the corporate ones, have been overzealous and voracious — like a pig — in their appetite to change public policy to their specific special interest advantage. [It’s] against the general interest of the taxpayer and really the general interest of the children.

It’s really what’s all about what’s best for them, not what’s best for the children, although they will spin it any number of ways to make it look that way. But make no doubt, at the end of the day this is about their pocket, not what’s best for the kids. It’s about adult entitlement.  

Gablinske says he expects a larger security detail when Leidecker is due back in court August 31.

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