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Union video: “A promise made should be a promise kept”

September 9, 2011

If you want to get a sense of the messaging being used by unions in the run-up to the General Assembly’s special pension session next month, the RI Retirement Coalition’s video leads with this: “A promise made should be a promise kept.”

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  1. Sean P. Gately permalink
    September 12, 2011 6:15 pm

    Connecting The Dots
    written by Sean P. Gately
    Public employees are allowed to unionize….Union Leadership extorts dues from said employees….Over many years unions start to Buy politicians through campaign funding…. Private Unions team up with public unions…..Union leadership then starts fielding Union Employees and leaders as candidates…..Union Leadership then align with poverty pimps…..Union controlled Politicians start passing unrealistic and unaffordable laws and rules that benefit themselves…..Poverty Pimps demand more….Union Leaders give more to poverty pimps…Union leaders pass even more smoke and mirrors legislation…..Suddenly HHS grows at unsustainable rate….Pension funds get stolen by Union Leaders with fake promises by elected Union Hacks….Unfunded pension liabilities grow at unsustainable rate….RI becomes uninhabitable by business because Union Rules and the resulting taxes and regulations make RI the worst place in America to do business….. RI loses business tax base….Union Hack politicians start raising tax rates at an unsustainable pace on citizens while not providing reform or relief…..Citizens start to leave in droves….RI has the second lowest population growth in the country for the last decade as a result…..Less taxpayers, Less businesses, most generousness benefits highest unfunded pensions….Third highest unemployment…..Even more producers leave….Home values crash…….Suddenly emperor has no clothes….Thugs from union leadership then start to violate law……Thugs from union leadership start to threaten violence on elected officials and private citizens….RI goes bankrupt….The people that the Union Thug leadership says they care about get completely screwed by Said leadership.


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