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All Ovah for Charlie Hall’s Ocean State Follies

September 15, 2011

Say it ain’t so Charlie. Charlie Hall, long known as Rhode Island’s funniest man, is closing down “Charlie Hall’s Ocean State Follies’’ after 20 yeahz.

“I’m going to put it to bed on the 20th anniversary,’’ says Hall.

Hall, of Naught Providence, has long spoofed Rhody’s politics and cultcha, drarwing crowds and laughs at venues all ovah da state, from da Hill to Creeaaansten.

Hall and his ensemble have spoofed everything and everybody from Westerly to Voonsockette. He said in a brief interview that a “tough economy in the past couple of years’’ has made it difficult to keep the show going.

Hall and the Ocean State Follies will make a 20th anniversary last show at Nicole’s in Creeeaaaansten on Oct. 29, which ought to be a sellout. The troupe also has scheduled a New Yearz Eve appearance at the Providence Marriott, which surely will be wort the price of omission.

Hall plans to return to his `Mass Hysteria’ show spoofing Massachusetts cultchah and politics.

`On Politics’ wishes Hall well in his futchah. We are confident he will find fun and fortune pahkin his cah in da Havahd yahd. Hall will be sorely missed, but we can take some solace knowing that he won’t be fah away.

One problem Hall and all Rhody comedians have had is that reality in Vo Dilun  consistently mocks just about any attempt at satire. What else can you say about a Naught Prov police chief shaking down a stripper/hooker for $700?

“In Rhode Island….you just can’t make this stuff up,’’ says Hall.

Now it is up to the Providence Newspaper Guild to carry on a Follies tradition with its annual February show at the Venus in Swansea.

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