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No public event yet slated for Michelle Obama Visit

September 20, 2011

Michelle Obama is scheduled to swoop into Rhode Island for a big-donor fundraiser ($1,000 minimum contribution) on September 30 at the East Side home of former Providence Mayor Joseph R. Paolino Jr.

The money harvested is slated for the president’s reelection campaign. So far, no public event featuring the First Lady has been scheduled, but local Democrats would to love to get the popular and personable woman to do something besides troll for campaign cash while she is here.

“We are honored to have the First Lady of the United States in Rhode Island in support of her husband’s re-election,’’ said Democratic State Chairman Edwin Pacheco. Local Democratic sources say that if there is a Michelle Obama event it most likely would be linked to her interest in military veterans and their families, education or the economy, such as a tour of Providence’s Knowledge District (aka the Jewelry District).

Smart pols know that a presidential or First Lady visit that includes a public event accessible to the media always generates better publicity than a pure fund-raising appearance. Television shots of Mrs. Obama greeting military families always plays better than those of a closed-press high-donor fund-raiser, where reporters focus on all the fat cats in BMW’s and Escalades flocking to the event.

According to Paolino, ticket sales to the event are going well. Governor Lincoln Chafee, a Republican turned independent is helping to sell tickets, Paolino said. Chafee and his wife Stephanie Danforth Chafee  are planning on attending the event.  Both Chafees endorsed Obama’s presidential run in 2008.

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  1. Angelisagreatdog permalink
    September 21, 2011 12:19 am

    Will MO have to leave before dinner with the lane scoop-the-poop excuse her hubby offered or has dinner been eliminated to eliminate the possible embarrassment?

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