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New group emerges to promote pension reform

September 29, 2011

As Rhode Island moves past the prologue of seeking a pensino fix, a new business-oriented 501(c)4 group, Engage Rhode Island, has emerged to support the proposal set for introduction next month by Gina Raimondo and Lincoln Chafee:

“Pension reform is an “everybody” issue,” said Ed Cooney,  Executive Vice President & Treasurer, Nortek,Inc.and Co-Chairperson of EngageRI.  “And we look forward to talking with Rhode Islanders and sharing our understanding that fundamental change is needed to move us ahead.  Successful job creation depends on straightening out this increasing burden on burden on Rhode Island tax payers.  We are glad that the General Assembly is coming back to deal with pension reform this year and will support their efforts to make comprehensive changes that create retirement security for workers while protecting taxpayers and those that rely on government services,” concluded Cooney.

“The pension crisis is the single-most important issue facing Rhode Islanders today,” said Margaret Holland McDuff, CEO, Family Service of RI and Co-Chairperson of EngageRI.  “If we continue on the current path and we fail to enact comprehensive pension reform, state leaders will be forced to raise taxes dramatically and make dramatic cuts to services.  Working families won’t be able to afford to live here and we won’t be able to provide a safety net for struggling Rhode Islanders.”

Engage RI’s roll-out was facilitated by Duffy & Shanley, the PR and ad firm whose co-founder, David Duffy, was a member of former Governor Don Carcieri’s kitchen cabinet.

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  1. Craig permalink
    September 30, 2011 1:20 pm

    I find it troubling that a leader in the social services world would pit the well being of her clients against the well being of workers who have earned their pensions. the wealthiest pay HAL of what the poorest in RI pay in overall tax burden. I think we need to rectify that fact before we start breaking promises to retirees.

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