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Newberry questions support among rank-and-file Dem reps for pension reform

September 30, 2011

House Minority Leader Brian Newberry says House Speaker Gordon Fox is a strong supporter of pension reform. But Newberry questions whether rank-and-file Democratic reps will support a major pension overhaul:

I know the House leadership genuinely wants to make a really effective change. Whether or not they have the votes among the rank and file to do that’s an open question. That’s their problem, not mine. But it becomes the state’s problem if they can’t do it.

House spokesman Larry Berman says it’s too early to gauge Democratic support for the pension plan since “nobody has seen it yet.” While legislative discussions with Gina Raimondo continue on a regular basis, he says, the final details of the pension proposal remains unknown.

Berman says lawmakers might get that plan as soon as next week. Raimondo spokeswoman Joy Fox puts the timeline for delivering the proposal in the first two weeks of October.

Newberry, btw, is the guest this week on WPRI/WNAC-TV’s Newsmakers. We discussed Dan Gordon, pensions, and the RI GOP, among other subjects.

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