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John Loughlin, lagging Doherty, raises $23k during Q3

October 13, 2011

John Loughlin’s congressional campaign is trumpeting the $23,377 it raised during the third quarter, even though that’s about one-fifth of Brendan Doherty’s take from the same period:

According to [spokesman Michael] Napolitano,  The figure is impressive given that John Loughlin is in Iraq serving his country and has yet to even formally declare his candidacy. 

Napolitano stated, “Our focus has been on gaining grass roots support for our candidate and in that area we have been extremely successful.  We were able to do some fundraising  without our candidate here  as we are pretty much in uncharted territory.  We also expect to build on it in the current quarter.  John Loughlin has proven he can raise money,  as he raised approximately $1 million dollars during the last campaign.  I have no doubt he will hit the ground running when he returns and be very successful in this area.”

Said Napolitano, “I feel it is also important to point out that we had set a goal of $7,500 for our fundraising event and exceeded it by approximately $2,000.  In addition, the vast majority of donors donated small amounts as we set the minimum donation amount to attend at $30.” 

Doherty had cash on hand of $270.233 as of his June 30th campaign finance filing. With his estimated more than $130,000 from Q3, the first-time candidate will have surpassed the $500,000 mark.

Loughlin, meanwhile, is due to return from his service in Iraq in December.

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