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Schwager to run for seat held by Rep. Watson

October 19, 2011

Democrat Mark Schwager, who lost a bid last year for the Senate seat now held by Republican Dawson Hodgson, plans to run next year for the state representative seat currently held by Robert A. Watson of East Greenwich.

Schwager has scheduled a campaign kickoff event on Tuesday, November 8 (6:30-8:30), at Cafe Fresco in East Greenwich.

Watson, who continues to fight charges following his arrest earlier this year in Connecticut, says he remains undecided about whether he’ll seek reelection. “I have no idea,” Watson says. “I’ve been in office for over 20 years. Every two years I have to recalculate [the decision]”

Watson says he will decide based on “whether I can continue to do a good job.”  He calls it unsurprising that Schwager, a previous two-term town councilor in East Greenwich who gained a local appointment this year, would run for higher office.  Watson also questioned whether “the people of East Greenwich want to send another liberal Democrat” to the General Assembly.

Fellow Republicans stripped Watson from his post of House minority leader after his arrest. Along with Dan Gordon of Tiverton, he’s one of two Republican reps to be arrested this year (along with Democrat Leo Medina).

Schwager, a physician, could not be immediately reached for comment.

POST-SCRIPT: Schwager and I ran into each other. He says he’s looking forward to the campaign.

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