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Pare, Taveras to tread lightly on Occupy Providence

November 1, 2011

In case you were wondering why Providence city government is tiptoeing around the Occupy Providence tent city that has taken over Burnside Park downtown, we take you back to the events of  2003 at the Narragansett Indian tribe’s reservation in Charlestown.

The head of the state police at the time was Steven Pare. The governor was on conservative Republican Don Carcieri. Carcieri order a state police raid of the Narragansett’s smoke shop, which was selling cigarettes without paying the required Rhode Island tax.

A meelee broke out when the state police raided the reservation to shutter the smoke shop. The television footage of the event was broadcast around the country and the Rhode Island state police didn’t look very good tackling members of the tribe.

Carcieri made the decision to invade the reservation. But when the media heat got too hot, the governor made Pare the fall guy. Pare was unceremoniously tossed under the bus, despite his otherwise stellar performance as state police superintendant.

Now, Pare is Providence public safety commissioner. Before sending the police in to uproot the Occupy Providence settlement, you can be assured that Pare and Mayor Angel Taveras, and City Solicitor Jeff  Padwa will make sure the occupiers are given all due process and legal rights. Pare isn’t going to relive the Narragansett raid.

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  1. Jacob permalink
    November 1, 2011 6:55 pm

    While I applaud Mayor Taveras’ restraint in this area, I wish he would treat his teachers and municipal retirees with the same respect.

  2. tim1999 permalink
    November 2, 2011 2:45 am

    ha ha ha ha ha…. Scott McKay comedian.
    Steve Pare was a nepotism hire by Linky Almond, who was best buds with Pare’s old man. Everyone in the law enforcment world knew Pare was second rate, most of all his own troopers. Pare’s behavior during that smoke shop raid was not only embarrassing but highly unprofessional. “Leader” Pare went “off the clock” aka could not be contacted during the execution of that raid. Then he went on a media tour with fellow Democratic party hack Patrick Lynch where both men threw Carcieri under the bus. Scottso you are such a joke with your revisionist history. Thankfully most people know it and few take you seriously. Thanks for the laughs Scottso.

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