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Rhode Island Tip Sheet: Delivering us from the DMV

November 30, 2011

STATE OF THE STATE: As Tree-gate continues to rage, the Chafee administration is touting what it calls improvements in cutting wait-times at the DMV. This is a followup to a pledge made by the gov and interim director Lisa Holley back in March. What’s more, Chafee today announced a new agreement for customers entering the maw of the state bureaucracy: “The first component of the agreement is that all customers conducting business with the DMV can expect friendly, honest, courteous, and respectful service.”

RHODE ISLAND 2012: As first reported by RIPR this morning, PC alum Devin Driscoll will lead President Obama‘s Rhode Island campaign next year.

TREE-GATE: This from the Reverend Don Anderson, executive minister of the State Council of Churches: “I would ask my fellow Christians, with all of the poverty, hunger and injustice that surround us, do we really believe that Jesus would have us spend all this time and energy around what we call a tree?  Do we truly think that the Jesus of the Gospels cares what we call a tree?  I would suggest that if we truly want to honor the birth of Jesus, let us be found honoring and serving one another in recognition and thanksgiving for what God has done for us.”

WHITE HOUSE 2012: Politico on the Herman Cain team: “A study in ineptitude.”

ALL ABOUT MITT: The DNC is up with its Mitt vs. Mitt Web site . . .  David Bernstein says Romney needs to update his reading list . . .  Dan Kennedy says liberals should be cheering for Mitt.

NESI: Ted finds that Dominick Ruggerio backed awarding 6 percent COLAs in Providence back in the day.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The one-time aide to the late Tip O’Neill is due in Barrington this Saturday.

STEVE LAFFEY: If you’re missing the former maxium leader of Cranston, check out the trailer for his movie.

DOG EAT DOG: Great story by Benoit Denizet-Lewis in the NYT Mag about Bulldogs, and the cruel things that well-intentioned people do to them.

MEDIA: Time Inc. has its own in-house university to school young reporters on the digital future, reports Nieman.

BASEBALL: Welcome to Boston, Bobby Valentine.

LIFE IMITATES ART: Tim White notes the use of FBI surveillance of mobsters at the Biltmore Starbucks. Kind of brings to mind a scene in Showtime’s Brotherhood in which a couple of law enforcement guys loitered in the Biltmore lobby, one of them covering his face with a copy of the Phoenix. 

BIRTHDAY: Seth Yurdin.

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  1. Mister Guy permalink
    November 30, 2011 9:01 pm

    “Ted finds that Dominick Ruggerio backed awarding 6 percent COLAs in Providence back in the day.”

    Call him by his real name…”Rubbers” Ruggerio. Once again, thanks so much former Mayor Buddy Cianci!

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