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Langevin staff helps craft new proposal for congressional boundaries

December 1, 2011

After raising concern earlier this week about one proposal for redrawing the lines of the the state’s congressional districts, staffers representing US Representative Jim Langevin are backing a new concept developed with redistricting consultant Kimball Brace.

(The principles used to shape this proposal were backed in an October 20 joint letter sent to the legislative chairs of the redistricting commission by Langevin and US Representative David Cicilline.)

According to an email sent today by Ken Wild, Langevin’s chief of staff:

The adjustments are very minor, moving just 7,000 people….as opposed to [earlier] Maps A, B, and C;  which each relocate in excess of 50,000 RI voters.

By way of orientating you to the adjustments;

—all changes are in the City of Providence only

—the dark line represents congressional boundary lines for the 2000 Census

….the dotted line represents the proposed congressional lines for the 2010 Census

…the western boundary of Mt Pleasant Ave has been extended from Chalkstone Ave to Atwells Ave, then Atwells running east to Dean

On the surface at least, the latest concept lacks howlers like moving the hometowns of the Republicans vying to oppose Cicilline next year from CD1. But redistricting is an inherently political process, so efforts by Democrats to gain an advantage can’t be ruled out.

I’ve sent the latest map design along to a close observer of the redistricing process, John Marion of Common Cause of Rhode Island, and will add his thoughts later today.


Marion calls the Langevin plan “less radical” than some of the “radical surgery” — moving whole portions of the district — proposed earlier this week by the state’s redistricting consultant. Marion says the Langevin plan could potentially give Cicilline a boost, with a larger part of Providence, although he says he’d need past voting data to get a better sense of that.

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  1. December 1, 2011 7:15 pm

    At first blush this makes a lot more sense than the consultant’s massive change proposals.


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