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Providence councilman’s brother among those laid off from ProCAP

December 17, 2011

Ralph Narducci, whose brother is Ward 4 Providence City Coucilman Nicholas “Nick” Narducci, was among the 20 people whose layoff from the troubled Providence Community Action Program (ProCAP) was announced today, sources tell RIPR.

The names of the employees being let go weren’t specified in a news release sent on behalf of the agency’s new management. ProCAP also ended the contract of its former executive director, Frank Corbishley.

“The layoffs announced today were unavoidable and a direct result of the enormous financial strains on ProCAP,” said Frank Shea, ProCAP’s interim executive director.  “It is truly unfortunate that we were forced to deliver this news at such a difficult time of year.  Regrettably, the former management failed to deal with the harsh financial realities facing the organization for some time and in doing so, missed an opportunity to restructure staff in a more timely and orderly process.”

The layoffs come two days after the organization sought and received protection by the court through receivership.  In total, $995,000 in salary and benefits will be saved as a result of the action. The layoffs occurred at all levels of the organization.

Nick Narducci was himself was among three board member removed last month from ProCAP by Mayor Angel Taveras after they declined to sack Corbishley amid allegations of financial wrongdoing.

As Dan McGowan has reported, ProCAP has had a reputation as a hiring hall for cronies of the politically connected:

ProCAP has long been accused of being a dumping ground for individuals with political connections. While an initial round of layoffs in October may have begun to address the issue, several relatives of prominent local politicians were still on the payroll as of November, including Edward Badway (related to Joan Badway, former chairwoman of the Providence Democrats), Ralph Narducci (related to City Councilman and former ProCAP board member Nick Narducci) and Damian Costantino (related to former House Finance Chairman Steven Costantino).

Stay tuned for more details next week.

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