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As Newport becomes more flexible on gambling, Foxborough not so psyched

December 29, 2011

The move in Massachusetts to introduce three casinos has made Newport officials more willing to consider expanding the offerings at Newport Grand, as we noted earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe reports today on how public opinion in Foxborough, Massachusetts, seems aligned against adding a casino there:

Away from the emotionally charged meetings that have drawn hundreds to Foxborough High School, residents interviewed yesterday said the debate has been civil, quiet, and, well, not much of a debate. Vocal supporters of the casino proposal are hard to find in this town of nearly 17,000.

Some said they knew no one who supports the casino plan; others knew only one or two. And even then, they said, that support often amounts less to wholehearted endorsement than to a desire to learn more before dismissing a plan that could bring tax relief to the community.

States often turn to gambling as a way of generating revenue without raising taxes.

Yet the forward motion on casinos in Massachusetts will certainly have a ripple effect on nearby states, with possibly unforeseen consequences. And public opinion is likely to be a lower priority than cash and the regional casino landscape.

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  1. December 30, 2011 11:08 pm

    Of course, with both Twin River & Newport Grand already being in-place and pre-fitted for table gaming, any move to legalize table gaming will fast-track the conversion of both places to full casinos, whereas only the slots parlour that “might” go to Plainville, MA at the Plainridge Racetrack cold get off the ground as quickly. That would allow two to three years for the construction of destination casinos in MA to build a clientele base for gaming here. It would also allow, if we had any political leaders innivative and, lets be frank, intelligent enough, to propose and implement a completely different and progressive economic plan that could wean us off gaming revenues (deep-water port at Quonset, for instance?). But that would definitely be expecting too much from our decidely provincial state legislature who is forever addicted to the low road approach to nearly every fiscal endeavour.

  2. December 30, 2011 11:09 pm

    Please forgive my typos – hit the submit button much too quickly, I see…

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