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Rhode Island Tip Sheet: Happy New(s) Year

December 30, 2011

STATE OF THE STATE: Let’s say someone was kidnapped by aliens for a year only to return and be told: 1) RI is still struggling with high unemployment and other troubling economic indicators; 2) but the state passed a significant pension overhaul that gained national plaudits; 3) but the Ocean State maintained its reputation for, er, “colorful behavior” by politicians and others; 4) but a first-time officeholder who rose from modest roots impressed others with his ability to shepherd the capital city during tough times; 5) but other fiscal nightmares are on the statewide horizon; 6) but the General Assembly may actually tackle local pensions in 2012 . . . . and we could go on . . . . So after all that, would someone returning to RI be surprised or feel right at home?

LOOK-BACK: Don’t miss the look-back, look-ahead edition of our Political Roundtable . . . .

LOOK-AHEAD: Or my top-12 questions for RI in the new year.

ELIZABETH ROBERTS: The tw0-term lieutenant governor suggested during a taping this morning of WPRI/WNAC-TV’s Newsmakers that she may leave politics when her term expires in January 2015 (although she didn’t rule out another run for office) . . . . Asked whether it was a failure of leadership on her part to help pass a health insurance exchange bill last session, Roberts called it a matter of clashing opinions on abortion . . . . She says she supports US Representative David Cicilline and doesn’t think he intentionally misled people about Providence’s fiscal condition while running for Congress.

IOWA CAUCUS: Gail Collins says it’s much ado about not much.

CAPRIOS: Channel 12’s Kat Sotnik shared word this am of the Boston Herald’s coverage of how Paula Abdul has been socializing with David Caprio and one of his brothers — not Frank.

Q4: Brendan Doherty hopes to close in on $500,000 in cash on hand as the fourth fundraising quarter concludes Saturday. Cicilline has been working it, too, expecting what his camp calls “a solid number.” And you can bet that the recently returned John Loughlin will be working his Rolodex while hoping for a strong Q1 showing in 2012.

OCCUPY: David Scharfenberg writes on the next move for Occupy Providence . . . . And don’t forget to keep up with Bob Plain’s Occutour.

HOLLYWEIRD: Most of the top-grossing movies this year were some manner of sequel.

THANKS: Robert Ames, our awesome afternoon anchor at RI Public Radio, is signing off.

BIRTHDAY: Briana Masterson; Seth Klaiman.

See you next year!

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  1. Joseph Ferreira permalink
    December 31, 2011 3:48 pm

    I know that Mayor Tavares is to be applauded for dealing with the fiscal crisis in Providence. However, his move allowing that criminal Michael Tarro to demolish the Grove Street School, in complete violation of the purchase agreement under which he was obliged to preserve the structure, just smacks of business as usual in City Hall. Tarro should be punished for his deliberate neglect of the building, first by denying him the right to build yet another parking lot in the Federal Hill property that used to be the Grove Street School. As additional punishment, Tarro should be indicted for his crime, removed from the state legislature and, to fully restore faith in the mayor, Tarro should be forced construct a public garden or park on the Grove Street site AT HIS OWN EXPENSE to make up for his criminal behaviour.

  2. Mister Guy permalink
    January 2, 2012 9:04 am

    “IOWA CAUCUS: Gail Collins says it’s much ado about not much.”

    No GOP non-incumbent has ever won the IA Caucuses & gone on to be elected President of the USA. It’s a pointless exercise, period.

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