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Patrick Lynch shuts door on U.S. House rumors

January 4, 2012

With rumors swirling in Democratic Party circles and in the blogosphere about former Attorney General Patrick Lynch considering a run for the 1st District U.S. House seat held by Democrat David Cicilline, Lynch wants all to know that there is nothing to it.

Lynch, who left office last year after an aborted run for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 2010 said in an interview that he is not and never has been interested in running for Congress this year.

Lynch says he supports fellow  Democrat Cicilline. “I consider David Cicilline a good person, a friend and a fine public servant.’’

But Lynch also had good things to say about Republican congressional aspirant Brendan Doherty, the former superintendent of the state police. “Brendan Doherty is one of the most honorable people I’ve ever known. He would be a fine congressman. That said, I am a Democrat and I am supporting David Cicilline.’’

Lynch just started a new law firm in Providence and said that is his focus. (A lawyer who hangs out a shiny new shingle doesn’t want clients or prospective clients getting the idea that he is running for office and putting client interest second.).

“I remain grateful to the people of Rhode Island for the opportunity I had to serve as attorney general. It was an honor.  I am proud of the things we were able to accomplish and at some point in the future I may very well seek public office.’’

Doherty and Republican John Loughlin, the former Tiverton state rep who lost to Cicilline in 2010, are the two GOP candidates organizing for a race against Cicilline. Loughlin just returned from a military tour in Iraq and attended last night’s Young Republican Iowa caucus-watching event at a Providence restaurant. Loughlin told a reporter he supports Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination but declined any further comment on his own political future. “I am not doing any press yet,’’ said Loughlin.

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