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Romney wins RI Republican straw poll

January 4, 2012

There were no television cameras and only one reporter showed up but Rhode Island Republican activists held a straw presidential poll Tuesday night during a Young Republican caucus-watching event at the Fat Belly tavern in Providence.

As big screen televisions broadcast talking political heads from Iowa’s first-in-the nation event on Fox News, Rhody Republicans participated in a poll. Each Republican who paid $1 was given a paper ballot to choose a candidate entered in the Iowa caucus.

As was the case in Iowa, Mitt Romney narrowly won the RI GOP poll, with 45 votes. Texas Congressman Ron Paul finished second with 43 votes. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich ran third at 17 votes, John Huntsman came in fourth with 16, Rick Santorum harvested 14  and Texas Gov. Rick Perry got 10 votes. Barry Hinckley, the Newport businessman organizing a campaign to run against Democratic incumbent Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse for U.S. Senate, picked up 7 votes and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota finished last at 6 votes, the same place she finished among the Iowa challengers.

The caucus-watching party was sponsored by the RI Young Republicans.

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