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Newberry: Watson’s latest arrest doesn’t merit resignation

January 23, 2012

House Minority Leader Brian Newberry, who won his leadership post after Robert Watson’s arrest in Connecticut last year, says he doesn’t think Watson should resign his representative seat following an arrest over the weekend.

“It’s been a bizarre year at the Assembly,” Newberry says. He referred to a spate of arrests and investigations involving lawmakers, including sexual assault charges — since dropped — against Representative John Carnevale, and a fraud case involving Representative Leo Medina.

Regarding Watson, Newberry says, “This is one of those situations in my book, this is between him and his constituents — you know, whether they think he can continue to represent them.”

Meanwhile, Ted Nesi reports that GOP chairman Mark Zaccaria is also standing by Watson.

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  1. January 24, 2012 3:40 am

    C’mon, that’s laugh out loud stuff. Pure comedy gold! Will the RI GOP issue a formal statement on exactly what kind of arrest or how many arrests merit resignation?

    My comments are directed at The Party, to be sure, not Rep Watson.

    As an aging punk rocker who has lost good friends to this kind of thing, let me tell you, Bob, for the sake of your family and those who love you: take a break and get yourself some help. Work your [redacted] out, and then get back in the fray.

    Everything else is secondary. Take care of yourself, man!

  2. ri_born permalink
    January 26, 2012 6:20 pm

    Newbury was pretty quick to throw Watson under the bus so he could take control of the GOP at the State House. Did he stop to think about what this would do to Watson and that maybe his ouster from leadership accelerated the breakdown this man is obviously going through. I am not condoning Watson for his actions. The man needs to get some help.

    However, Newbury, Trillo and all the other heartless republicans who ousted him from power should take a good hard look at their actions. Newbury, in particular is a pretty cowardly character in all this. Screws Watson over and takes away the leadership but needs his vote so he won’t call for him to resign from office and get help. Until the republican party in this state stops stabbing each other in the back RI will forever be a one party state. Be careful Brian, you are one misdemeanor away from being the next one under the bus.

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