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Chafee to use “electronic town hall” to chat with constituents

January 24, 2012

Some Republicans, like former governor Don Carcieri, favor talk-radio, because they perceive it as an unmediated medium allowing for direct communication with constituents. Governor Lincoln Chafee, the Republican-turned-independent, is rolling out a different tack:

In the latest example of Governor Lincoln D. Chafee’s continued and sustained efforts to addressRhode Island’s municipal challenges and to provide retirement security for employees and retirees and property tax relief to Rhode Islanders, the Governor will hold an electronic town hall for retirees and taxpayers on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.

“Too often, retirees and taxpayers do not get the opportunity to voice their concerns and share their ideas on the issues and decisions that affect them. This town hall is a way to speak directly with Rhode Islanders and hear their input and their solutions, as well as a chance for me to answer questions about these critical issues. As my Administration works to address the financial challenges of our municipalities, we do so with the best interest of retirees and taxpayers at heart. The feedback I will hear on Thursday will be valuable as we move toward lasting solutions that will help cities and towns better serve Rhode Islanders,” Governor Chafee said.

Approximately 8,200 Rhode Islanders will be invited to take part in the electronic town hall. Invitees will be notified by phone tomorrow afternoon and early evening. All Rhode Islanders are also encouraged to share their questions, thoughts, and suggestions on municipal issues with the Governor – either by sending an e-mail to or through a new feedback forum on the Governor’s website (, both of which will go live at noon on Thursday.

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