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Gemma raps Cicilline anew; vows to hold him accountable

February 2, 2012


David Cicilline’s campaign spokeswoman, Nicole Kayner, offers this response to Gemma’s remarks:

David believes the Mayor is absolutely right that the 4, 5, and 6 % compounded COLAs given in the 1990s are completely unsustainable and coupled with the increasing share of property owned by non-profits and exempt from taxation, continue to pose major challenges to the city and were issues he fought during his years as Mayor.  He made progress on both of those issues but there is more work to do and he has great confidence the Mayor will get it done.

David is doing everything he can to get Rhode Islanders back to work. Just today, he proposed an amendment in the House to require that bills have an analysis of jobs created or lost in addition to cost estimates.


Anthony Gemma, one of four Democrats who ran in the September 2010 primary won by David Cicilline, has released a statement following up on today’s news conference held by Providence Mayor Angel Taveras. Here’s an excerpt:

While I agree with Mayor Taveras that multiple local, state, regional, and national issues and conditions contributed to the near-economic ruin of Providence over the past nine years, I nonetheless must remind him and all stakeholders in the city’s future that it was the previous mayor, David Cicilline, who, fully aware of the consequences of doing so, decided to avoid making the choices that could have saved Providence.

Why, some might ask, should we look backward when it is the future that is our greatest concern?  Because, quite frankly, we cannot reclaim the future – for ourselves, our families, and our cities, states and nation – if we are unwilling to confront the past. ….

If Providence is to emerge from this grave crisis in robust good health and with good prospects for long-term prosperity, David Cicilline must be held accountable for his incompetence and dishonorable self-service.

And I intend to do just that.

Gemma couldn’t be immediately reached for further details.

Cicilline has previously defended his oversight of Providence, arguing, for example, that the national recession was a big factor in the city’s fiscal problems (more here). I’ve asked his campaign to respond to Gemma’s remarks, and will post the response if and when I receive it.

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  1. John permalink
    February 3, 2012 12:43 am

    Since the only method to modify retiree benefits is through legitimate bankruptcy, is Gemma suggesting that Cicilline should have placed the city into bankruptcy? If so, would 38 Studios have moved here? How many other businesses and residents have bailed out? Would housing prices have plummeted even further?

    Cicilline may or may not continue in Congress, but Gemma has little chance of replacing him. Hopefully, his candidacy will at least allow for a thorough public review of his company’s business practices.

  2. February 4, 2012 6:04 pm

    While I don’t disagree with the sentiment that Rep. Cicilline made too many concessions to various public employee unions during his tenure as mayor to curry politial favour, might I point out home completely disingenuous Gemma is in pointing out Cicilline’s “dishonourable self-service.” After all, by attacking Cicilline this way, isn’t Gemma himself being self-serving for his obvious move to challenge Cicilline in a primary race? Like all would-be candidates in politics of late, it’s always about tearing down the opposition rather than focusing on the positives of why voters should choose “them” as the better candidate. Gemma’s another hack politician who has no better ideas than tose already in office, so he resorts to bomb-throwing in hopes of obscuring the fact that he’s not offering solutions or volunteering to help out in the crisis. So much for having the best interests of the voters at heart…


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