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(More) coming attractions from David Cicilline

February 8, 2012

As part of our ongoing coverage on candidates and their messaging, here’s some of the latest in a new email fundraising pitch from David Cicilline (sent as a letter from campaign spokeswoman Nicole Kayner):

The more Paul Ryan (remember him? He’s the guy that wrote the bill to end Medicare) and Eric Cantor (the chief cheerleader for shutting down the government last summer) find out about Brendan Doherty, the more they want to add him to their ranks in Congress. So just this week they committed to further prop-up his candidacy through their “Young Guns” program, a recruitment tool used by the national Republicans to train and elect conservatives across the country.

Brendan Doherty’s plan to slash corporate taxes, end the capital gains tax and change Social Security benefits for anyone born after 1960 fits right into the Republicans’ economic philosophy to take care of the rich and let the rest of us hope that the wealth trickles down. National Republicans know he will be one more reliable vote for their agenda and they are throwing their support behind him.

Other graduates of the Young Guns program include Allen West, the tea party Republican who told President Obama and other Democrats to “get the hell out of the United States,” David Rivera, who is facing ethics charges for the misuse of campaign funds, and Sean Duffy, the MTV Real World alum who said that he was struggling to make ends meet on a six-figure congressional salary but advocated for cutting the salaries of public employees.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by who they choose to associate with. And just like Doherty joined with far-right former Gov. Carcieri in Rhode Island, he has quickly aligned himself with the most conservative Republican members in the U.S. Congress.  He has even gone so far as to call the Paul Ryan budget that ends Medicare a “prudent approach”

Doherty’s loyalty is being rewarded and national Republicans recently sent out a press release hitting David that was later called a “Pants on Fire” lie by Politifact. We can only expect more of these desperate attacks as they try to get one more vote in Congress for their dangerous fiscal and social policies.

Your help in standing up to these Tea Party Republicans is much appreciated. Doherty tries to talk a lot about bipartisanship but it’s becoming clearer who his true friends and campaign backers really are.

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