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State moves to streamline government in Central Falls

February 13, 2012

According to a release from Central Falls receiver Robert G. Flanders Jr., he’s implementing consolidated government services in that city:

Flanders signed an order on February 13th creating the Department of Administration and Finance, an office of shared services that will oversee and coordinate all finance and administrative functions. 

“As Central Falls eliminates duplicated services and tightens up operational efficiency, it also sends a message to other cities struggling both within Rhode Island and beyond, that consolidation and regionalization of services are vital steps on the road to recovery,” said Governor Chafee.

“Consolidation will make the city more accountable to its citizens,” observed Receiver Flanders. “Remember: every dollar saved through sharing services is one less dollar taken from taxpayers, one more dollar that can be reinvested in the community.”

Added Chairwoman of the Central Falls School District Board of Trustees, Anna Cano-Morales, “Sharing services not only makes financial sense, it also lets us focus our energies and efforts on the students. Simply put, less administrative overlap means more time for our core function:  student achievement.”

“The merger of city and school offices is a major innovation,” said Superintendent of the Central Falls School District, Dr. Frances Gallo. “Funds saved by doing so help balance the budget, while maintaining educational programming. Avoiding duplication of effort saves time and money while building a truly unified community where service to the public is a top priority.”

Receiver Flanders has charged his chief of staff with the creation and management of the shared Department of Administration and Finance in phases, taking into account input from stakeholders.

As the first step in this process, the City’s Departments of Code Enforcement and Planning are in the midst of moving to city offices at 1280 High Street in order to accommodate the move of the School District’s finance and human resources functions into City Hall.

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  1. JJ Ferreira Jr permalink
    February 14, 2012 1:51 pm

    Not only should Central Falls be doing this, every city and town needs to consolidate and share administrative resources. Enough of this fierce, destructive independence between our thirty-nine cities and towns. If resource sharing will stave off bankruptcy, especially for Providence, then it’s time to oust politicians who stand in the way of this type of reform to protect their political sinecures. The state legislature can pass pension reform, so now they can pass home rule reform to require communities to share police, fire, finance and education services regionally or by county. Time for the “Independent State” to realize that we need to become the “Sharing State.”

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