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ProJo pay wall starts Feb. 28th

February 23, 2012

The Providence Journal, Rhode Island’s largest newspaper, rolls out its pay wall next Tuesday, Feb. 28.

According to a memo sent to ProJo employees from Deb Tomlinson, the newspaper’s vice president for audience, business development and digital,  the Journal will begin charging for “new subscription packages’’ that include a choice of print-only, a hybrid of print and digital, or digital only subscriptions. And customers will have options for either a seven day and weekend subscription or a Thursday-Sunday package or Sunday only home delivery.

“Now, with readers having ever wider choices of how to receive information, we are using new ways to meet their needs,’’ states the memo. “We have capitalized on the opportunity that new technology offers to satisfy readers’ desire for speed and convenience in getting breaking new, in-depth news stories, sports and commentary with the launch of our new digital products…’’

The memo did not say what rates will be charged to customers, only that ProJo employees will get discounted rates for all subscription options. One element the memo did not discuss is one that will make print subscribers unhappy, particularly as the baseball season starts. Because the ProJo is now printing the Fall River Herald newspaper at the Kingsley Street production plant, night sports deadlines will be moved back to 10:50 p.m., say ProJo sources. That means that fewer scores will be in the morning print editions, especially from games from the Midwest or West Coast and contests that go into extra innings or overtime. It is already sad that the Boston Globe, published in Boston, of course, has later scores in editions delivered to Rhode Island than the ProJo. Moving up the sports deadlines will only frost the print-only subscribers who can’t get their Sawx or Bruins playoff scores in the paper than lands on their doorsteps. (We are not betting that the Celtics make the playoffs.)

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  1. Alie permalink
    February 24, 2012 5:34 am

    The e-form of projo is almost unreadable. It’s squashed down into 2/3 of the screen real estate and has an awkward interface with lots of extra mouse movement required.

    If they want to charge money, they should have designed a less frustrating product. I miss the in one place news in the old projo, but not enough to struggle with that interface. There are other sources of news.

  2. Former Advertiser permalink
    February 25, 2012 3:31 pm

    How do they intend to get the word out? They’ve transferred their marketing staff to their janitorial staff.


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