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New currents in the RI blogosophere

February 24, 2012

Former WPRO newsman Bob Plain, after following the #Occupy movement around the country, has taken on what looks like a bigger role at the liberal Rhode Island’s Future blog.

On the other side of the ideological dial, Anchor Rising’s Justin Katz is hanging up his carpenter’s bag (with some delight, we suspect) to lead a new journalistic effort for the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity:

The website,, is expected to launch next week, and will feature articles and other media that break news and address topics not covered elsewhere. The full-time Managing Editor will be Justin Katz, who founded

“We are thrilled that Justin has joined our team and will be leading this new journalism initiative to shed light some of the shadier workings of our government”, said the Center’s CEO, Mike Stenhouse. “Justin’s level of professionalism, his creativity, as well as his thoughtful knowledge of the many issues facing the Ocean State is ideal”, added Stenhouse.

Katz, who established as one of the state’s most popular blogs dealing with public policy and politics, will be responsible for the material posted to The Ocean State Current. He lives in Tiverton and recently exited his  career as a carpenter in order to fulfill his longtime ambition to work as a journalist. “We believe that the more attention people pay to government, the better it functions,” Katz said.

The Current’s name has a philosophical undertow: “The current of human nature and social endeavors flows through each of us. However ingenious our designs, however eternal our structures seem, they need a comprehending touch and constant vigilance to forestall erosion.”, Katz elaborated on the site’s About The Current page. “We plan to expose the consequences of bad government and its effects on real people.”

An official launch announcement is expected before the end of the February, at which point Justin Katz will be available for media follow up.

Topics likely to be covered on The Ocean State Current include:

 * Capitol Hill legislation and related issues

 * State budget and spending

* Education reform

* Human interest and other public policy stories

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