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Plain replacing Hull as editor-publisher at RI’s Future

February 24, 2012

As I noted earlier today, Bob Plain is taking on a bigger role at the RI’s Future blog. Plain tells me he’s succeeding Brian Hull as the editor-publisher of the liberal-leaning site. 

Here are some of Plain’s thoughts on his vision and hopes for the blog:

There’s a real niche in Rhode Island for a place to find news and commentary that appeals to progressives and liberals. Even though we live in a left-leaning state, the marketplace of ideas is literally saturated with right-wing ideology. There is no shortage of news and/or commentary outlets where one can get the conservative point of view, but RI Future is really the only place that offers a progressive take on the issues. To that end, RI Future should be a critical component of every Rhode Islander’s news diet.

RI Future has a loyal following and a great group of contributors and I’ll be adding an element of deadline and analysis reporting to what the site already offers, as well as some thoughtful commentary on the issues.

I’m putting together a business plan to monetize the site so that the people putting in the sweat equity can reap some reward from their efforts.

This will mark another iteration of a blog launched way back in 2005 by Matt Jerzyk, now a senior aide to Providence Mayor Angel Taveras.

Hull declined to specify terms of the transaction in transferring the blog to Plain.

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  1. Mark Schieldrop permalink
    February 24, 2012 9:20 pm

    Congrats to Bob. He was a great co-worker when he was with Patch.


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