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Taveras + Raimondo: a study in contrasts on the Cicilline hot potato

March 1, 2012

Angel Taveras and Gina Raimondo became the new stars of Rhode Island’s political universe as pragmatic progressives — truth-tellers dealing head-on with some of the state’s thorniest fiscal problems.

But Taveras and Raimondo are miles apart in describing how they’re both on the host committee for a March 29 fundraiser for embattled Congressman David Cicilline.

Raimondo told Dan McGowan today that her support for Cicilline’s time shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement. 

Come again?

Blood is thicker than water in families and politics. That’s why elected Democrats will rally around Cicilline  as he faces what he’s calling the toughest political fight of his life. Yes, his approval rating is in the dumps in two recent polls, but partisans back their own incumbents as surely as night follows day.

That’s why Taveras offered a plausible, politically mature explanation to Ted Nesi about why he’s now backing Cicilline: Providence’s problems didn’t come about overnight.

Democrats usually have to do something like telling their own president to “shove it” to scare away support.

So it’s completely unsurprising that Raimondo and her people are now backing away from the Rhodes scholar’s earlier remark.

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